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International Marketing Group (IMG) HK Visit Sept 23

International Marketing Group set a quarterly convention in Macau on September 25. Since Hongkong is the more accessible neighboring island, we travelled and stayed there first before and after the convention. We had good times because of unique bonding moments with Reynaldo Babatuan, Randy Dexter Cosare Pancho, Celerina Gullem-Olitres, Edna Fanlo and Jean Damondamon.

Some of us met our friends there too and they toured us to the Hongkong National Park and Botanical and Zoological Gardens. Though I have visited Hongkong for many times, this is my first time to visit these places … and to think it’s free!

These beautiful colorful flowers make me feel good!

…and so are the water fountains that my companions adored greatly.

Can’t wait for lunch…was already hungry. I eat a lot in HK.


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One thought on “International Marketing Group (IMG) HK Visit Sept 23

  1. nice site Te.

    Posted by generose | October 5, 2011, 11:42 am

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