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Tsim Sha Tsiu

It’s Tsim Sha Tsiu once again. Tsim Sha Tsui is a cape-shaped place of Kowloon, HK which is opposite Central (where we stayed).

When we had the HK Convention in Jan 2011 with my boys, I wished I could show to them Kowloon especially Tsim Sha Tsiu but I was too tired and too cold at that time. Good that we had another chance again and thanks to our host Dina who took the effort of bringing the 1st timers to one of Hongkong’s tourist hubs.

From Central HK to Tsim Sha Tsiu, we have to ride a ferry which takes less than an hour and was inexpensive. Many people do ride this ferry either they are from work or are tourists like us. Being our 1st night in HK, it was relaxing to have the direct sea breeze touch your face while enjoying the ride with lots of people. The only boys in the group Reynaldo Babatuan and Randy Dexter Pancho were tireless and excited.

This girl Dina Ibanez toured us and was extremely kind and accomodating.

Going back to Central side. Chona Ybanez was with us while Celerina Olitres took the picture. This was the same bridge we trudged 8 months ago when we attended the IMG convention at Hongkong Convention & Exhibition Center in Wan Chai.

The IFC mall where I saw Apple having a lot of people in queue at 10 oclock in the evening to wait for its opening at 9am the following day. I was sooo amazed by Apple gaining customers who are willing to sacrifice, spend the whole night sleeping in queues just to buy something from it. The internet news I read about customers willing to sacrifice in lines just to buy Apple products is indeed true. I saw it with my own eyes. (Should have taken their pics).


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