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Kaiser International Healthgroup Inc. (KIH)

I am your Kaiser Healthcare Policy

I am your Kaiser Healthcare Policy.

You and I have similar purpose in this world.  It is your job to provide food, clothing, shelter, education, medicine and other things for your love ones. You do this while I lie in your safe deposit box.

I have faith and trust in you. Out of your earnings will come the cost of my upkeep. At times, I may appear insignificant to you – but someday (and who knows when) you and I will change places.At old age, or any time before that, when you are simply too helpless needing medical attention and support, I will come alive and do your job. I may provide you and your family medicine, hospitalization, food, clothing, shelter, education, and other things you and your family will continue to need – just as you are doing now but most importantly I shall first be there for YOU! When your hard work and labor are done, mine will begin. Through me, your hands can carry on.

Whenever you feel the price you’re paying for my upkeep is burdensome, remember that I can do more for you and your family than you will ever do for me.

If you do your part, I will do mine

Very Truly Yours,

Your Kaiser Premium Health Builder Policy


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    Posted by Ivan Chavez | July 15, 2012, 5:27 pm

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