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Exploring Macau

Though it was my 3rd time in Macau, I never explored it much as I rely on friends to buy me food and grocery. Thus, I did not need to go out from the dorm. This time, I was alone and have to do all those stuff for myself :-(. Then I found out that the place is worth exploring. Thanks to my auntie Ninen for making me realize that.

She sent me email, telling me to really go out. So I did πŸ™‚

It’s the Grand Emperor Hotel again. It seems to be our second home as it is an adjacent landmark to the dorm. Grand Emperor also reminds me of the Great Jade Emperor Who is actually the God of the Heavens in some Asian history. Take a glimpse at this most handsome God in Joongi’s latest Arang & the Magistrate.

Oh, it’s San Malo again! It was midnight but since I couldn’t sleep, I brought Sir Rey there. Those are the tomb and the pumpkins for Halloween.

Dave, Edwin’s pal guided us to Ruins of St. Paul, Macau’s famous landmark. It was a 16th century complex of St. Paul’s College & Cathedral of St. Paul. Dave lives at the back of the ruins.

It’s at the sides of the ruins. The lights are truly lovely.

Entrance to the dorm. To its left is the market area and bus terminal. To its right is San Malo. Front is the Pink Hall and hotels including Grand Emperor. An accessible and perfect site indeed. Found a home in Macau!

It’s at the sides of the ruins. Lovelier during daytime.

We couldn’t get enough of Ruins of St. Paul.

The overlooking sight at the back when facing the ruins. It includes the Grand Lisboa Hotel.

On the way to the ruins is this street where a lot of vendors are so aggressive to sell you their food. Free tastes of beef tapas abound in here. Rey enjoyed tasting too πŸ™‚

San Malo at daytime.

Municipal Hall. That fountain is just so nice.

Macau Tower @ daytime!

Pink Hall @ daytime.

Lovely flowers fronting the Pink Hall.

On the way to the airport for Phils via the Grand Emperor shuttle. That setting sun is actually bright red. As in. Panoramic sight indeed!


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