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It’s Macau Again!!! (October 12 – 16, 2012)

Macau may have something that draws luck to it that people just keep on coming in. And that includes IMG people. It is said that one can appreciate the place more if he keeps coming back; when the place becomes more familiar and lovable, just like home.

I first knew Macau in 1983 when I began to study Rizal’s life as the Filipino hero visited this place before. Macau is second to Hong Kong (HK) as a special administrative region of China. It is located on the west of Pearl River Delta, facing South China Sea and east of HK.Its economy is on gambling, tourism and manufacturing. Macau was a Portuguese colony from mid 16th century to 1999 and the last European colony in China.

It was my 1st time landing at Macau airport, and alone. So, the landlord picked me up, gave me free late dinner and his friends then showed me around…at midnight. 🙂

That’s Macau New Central – San Malo. Just walking distance east of my dorm. There is that tourism center too. It’s almost Halloween, thus the pumpkins and the tomb.

The girl with me is Juvy Cabuga. She has beautiful long natural curly hair and a nice personality.

It’s Dalen this time. She is a cute long-haired lass that is our official photographer. She seldom talks but giggles heartily if amused. We are at the front of the golden carriage at the entrance of Emperor Hotel where my landlord Edwin works.

It’s a seaside near Grand Emperor on our way back to the dorm. The sea breeze here is cold and fresh. Annually, they hold here fireworks where Phils sometimes participates, just like on Sep 2011. Behind me is the Macau Tower which is 1,109 feet tall. It is telecommunications, broadcasting, observation and entertainment center rolled into one. Someone told me that Filipino celebrity Ethel Booba bungee jumped from that tower.

The Pink Hall. It’s a few meters in front of the dorm. They said the Prime Minister lives and holds office here.

Convention Time Sunday Oct 14. WFG Field Vice Chairman Victor Salvador helmed the trainer team.

Rey Babatuan at the convention venue – The Venetian.

Chona Ybanez

Evelyn Villanueva

My teammate Rey is also 5/5.

With Jinky Martinez, IMG Accounting.

How’s my trainer jacket? It looks big but it fits well bec it’s small. 🙂

Next 5/5 qualifiers shall get that trainer jacket, a free dinner in Singapore in February 2013 and a travel allowance of P10k. Run is Oct 15 to Nov 15, 2012.

Oh, IMG recognizes the 5/5 qualifiers too and awards the achievers.

Exploring the Venetian’s Grand Canal. One of hotel’s highlights is the ceiling that looks like a real sky. We hardly noticed it was already 10pm. Rey and I still have to go to the other island far away where our dorm was.

The Grand Canal at the Venetian features the Shoppes at the Palazzo which are at both sides of the man-made lake. On the lake glides a boat where one can ride for a fee and the driver singing for the riders. They said many of these drivers are actually Filipinos. They have good singing voice. I heard them. 🙂

Wow, that was a hearty dinner at the Venetian. We tried the Singaporean dish chicken rice. It looked yuck at first but it came out very ok then. With us were Alice Aparece, Mam Carmen and Dodong.

We’re back to the other side of the land where home was. It’s Grand Emperor Hotel. Rey could not just miss the golden carriage.



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One thought on “It’s Macau Again!!! (October 12 – 16, 2012)

  1. Nice pix ate!! Naa pa jud si mommy. Haha. until the next trip!

    Posted by Lovely | October 25, 2012, 6:54 am

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